Everyday Essentials

Every day, over 50 million European households rely upon our products and brands. Our essentials cover all the household basics, from the morning bathroom routine, to cooking and cleaning. This is why we have merged our products and brands under a single name that embodies our impact and mission: Dayes (Everyday Essentials). We develop products that are essential to easy living. As such, our mission is to supply products that make daily life easier, more pleasurable and sustainable. In this way, we make a positive impact on our society and planet. Our core values underpin this mission:

Innovative products and services

Innovation runs in our blood. Many of our brands stem from innovative, creative solutions. As such, our team of experts continually seeks more innovative products and materials to help make daily life easier.

Appealing Products

Countless households encounter our products many times a day. They are often in sight and within hand's reach. Accordingly, our designers continually track market trends, to ensure our products complement all conceivable life & interior design styles. Our essentials like to be on display.

Affordable Luxury

The product range covered by our brands includes an extensive assortment of everyday essentials, from cleaning products to kitchenware. Our premium quality products are indispensable to daily life, which is why we deem it paramount they are accessible and affordable to one and all. 
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