Disney Multivitamins

Founded in 2010

Disney Multivitamin gummies are high quality, appealing vitamin supplements. Our gummies supplement a healthy diet and look after children's nutritional needs. They appeal to children as they are soft, come in different fruit flavours and feature fun Disney designs.

Brand identity

Vitamins and minerals are the body's building blocks that we acquire by eating a healthy diet. Disney Multivitamins is a young brand offering nutritional supplements that boost a healthy diet. The composition of the supplements has been carefully devised by our specialists to cater to children's nutritional requirements. To help children feel enthused about a healthy diet we have even tweaked our vitamins to their specific wishes. Children love eating Disney Multivitamin gummies as they are soft, come in tasty fruit flavours and popular designs. It goes without saying that our products are carefully formulated and meet European quality standards.
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