Pet Care

To the Dayes Pet Care team, pets are an integral part of life. Our pets are very much a part of the family. And, just as for our families, we want the best for our pets. However, food and treats made with nutritious, balanced products weren't readily available to buy in the usual places where we do our weekly grocery shop. 

As such, it has been our mission to offer the best possible qualitative, natural pet care products where families go to shop for their groceries. After all, there are countless families who, just like us, want the best for their pets. Natural, healthy food and treats of the best possible quality. Our products are available in most European countries. In Benelux under the brand name Best for your Friend, and outside the Benelux under the brand name Pets Unlimited. 

We are delighted our products are highly rated by pets and their families. We boast very high product sales in nigh on every country. In fact, in The Netherlands, Best for your Friend is the market leader.

Own-Label Brands

Furs & Purrs
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