Dayes makes everyday products special

With more than 15,000 unique products, Dayes is present in the daily lives of more than 50 million European families. Our brands touch every moment of every day and are always nearby.

The power of everyday essentials

Present in every home

>500 mln
years of experience

Everyday a smile

As leading partner in everyday essentials, our mission is to make families' lives easier, more sustainable and fun. Our products are always there when and where you need them. We make you smile every day.

Sustainable Dayes

Sustainability is increasingly becoming more important in the daily lives of families. We and our essentials are therefore an important pivot in the sustainable revolution.

We are agile and resilient

Consumer insights

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the needs of consumers and know how to respond to them quickly and intelligently.

Broad assortment

We are a leading supplier of more than 50 brands and labels in 4 non-food product categories.

Quality and innovation

Outstanding quality, attractive designs and smart innovations make our everyday essentials favourite essentials.


With more than 650 dedicated and enterprising employees, 6 offices and 10 warehouses across Europe, we are always there for you.

Powerful retail solutions

Our products can be found at various online and offline retailers. We develop tailor-made delivery and service merchandising solutions for each vendor.

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