Razor-sharp knives from El. Herder

The razor-sharp knives from El. Herder cut through everything like a hot knife through butter. This is because these artisan knives are made from the famous and high-quality Solingen steel.


These knives are not to be missed in the kitchen

Razor-sharp knives

El. Herder knives have a razor-sharp blade and also stay nice and sharp for a long time.

High-quality German steel

Thanks to the high-quality steel, the knives last for years and still look good after frequent use.


The blades are light and manoeuvrable, making them very easy to handle.

From steak knife...

Knives from El. Herder are known for their high quality and razor-sharp blades. These premium knives are made from high-quality steel from Solingen, Germany. This famous steel has a long lifespan, allowing you to enjoy the El. Herder knives. And all this time, the knives remain razor-sharp too.

to peeler

El. Herder knives, from peeler to steak knife, are indispensable in the kitchen. Their ergonomic handle and light weight make them enormously manageable and user-friendly. So whether you have an apple to peel or a delicious steak to cut, the knives from El. Herder cut through everything with ease.


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El. Herder is a 'licensed brand'

Dayes not only creates and markets dozens of its own brands, but also handles the creation, production and distribution of brands for which it has a licence. El. Herder is owned by El. Herder KG of Solingen, Germany, and is sold by Dayes as a licensed brand.