Social impact

Sustainable Dayes

Sustainability is increasingly a topic of conversation. Both among families and organisations like Dayes. As a supplier of everyday utensils, we play an important role in our customers' lives. It is therefore part of our mission to continuously improve products to fit within a sustainable lifestyle. The easier we make it to make sustainable choices, the more consumers will choose to do so. Together with our people, products and partners, we are committed to a better planet and green choices.

Taking care of our people

Our people are the heart of the business. We want to take care of them with good working conditions, both for our suppliers' employees and within our own operations. Dayes is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), which provides a code of conduct that allows us to monitor and improve working conditions within our company and at our suppliers.

Sustainability of our products

Our products are used 24/7. We are therefore working daily to make our products and packaging more sustainable. By taking small steps forward in this, we can eventually make a big impact. For instance, we are already reducing packaging materials, we are replacing as much plastic as possible with environmentally friendly alternatives and we are constantly looking for even more sustainable materials.

Reducing impact on the planet

We are a big distribution company and therefore also have a big impact on the planet. Our offices consume energy, our transport needs fuel and our waste has to be processed. To reduce our footprint, we are working hard to make our offices, supply chain, transport and waste disposal more sustainable.

Leading in sustainability

As a wholesaler, we depend on our partners. That is why our mission is to become a leader in sustainability. Our everyday essentials make a positive difference, not only in everyday life, but also for people and the planet. In this way, we hope to inspire our partners to join us in sustainable entrepreneurship.