Bring a smile into the lives of more than 50 million families

Our mission

We are a leading partner in Pet Care, Beauty & Personal Care, Health Care and Home Care. Our products are the everyday essentials that make everyday life easier, more sustainable and more fun, and you will always find us where and when you need us.

Because we are agilient: we respond quickly and flexibly to what families need in their daily lives (agile) and we are resilient in a constantly changing market, for customer and consumer.

We are Dayes!

Our story

We believe it is the small, everyday things that make the difference. Your child's smile when she steps out the door with a nice haircut. Your happily wagging dog when you give him a tasty snack. The relief when a lozenge gives you a moment to put aside your sore throat and get back to enjoying your day. That wonderfully clean kitchen after an evening of elaborate cooking for your family.

It is these everyday moments where our products and brands make a difference. For these simple events, we make essentials that make life just that little bit nicer, more fun, easier or more sustainable. And for that, we listen carefully to what you need to make your day a tad more perfect.

Our core values


We work together with each other, the consumer and the customer for the best results.


We are honest and open and we care for each other, our brands and our customers.


We give 100% in every aspect of our work and honour our commitments.


Our daily drive is to make the best everyday essentials.


We have a true entrepreneurial spirit that drives our work, every day.


Dayes has more than 120 years of experience in everyday essentials. Our rich history is full of family businesses, mergers and acquisitions and modern offices in several European countries.


Dayes has warehouses and offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Denmark.