Category management

Every retailer operates according to a unique shop formula and a smart distribution partner must be able to capitalise on this. The enormous complexity of the non-food category requires a powerful plan with sharp substantiation and good data monitoring to be successful. Our category experts know exactly how non-food can ensure structural sales growth.

Razor-sharp category plans for maximum efficiency

A razor-sharp plan with excellent data backing is a must to make the complex non-food category a success. Our category experts build these plans together with you using extensive data and trend analyses. But it doesn't stop there: by monitoring the results using clear KPIs and targets, they can adjust the plan efficiently and quickly.

Formula-specific customisation

Nowadays, consumers have so much choice that it is a necessity to establish a sharp shop format to create preference among shoppers. Each retail formula assigns a different role to the non-food category. Therefore, we create a tailor-made category plan for each retailer, matching the shop formula and shopper needs. Using this plan, non-food will become a structural asset to your retail formula.