Concept development

The non-food category is a complex product category that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise to apply as efficiently as possible. To remain relevant, we need to continuously respond to prevailing trends and changing consumer and retailer needs. Our talented people are therefore continuously developing new and up-to-date concepts.

Relevant non-food concepts

We offer a very wide range, with no fewer than 15,000 products in 12 different categories. Our category teams and buyers constantly keep their finger on the pulse of consumers: what do consumers need at the moment and how do we translate this into existing or new concepts? Thanks to our international spread in both retail and purchasing, we always spot the latest trends and innovations straight away.

Always up-to-date

We have in-depth knowledge of the shopper brain, enabling us to present our products in the best possible way. To anticipate seasonal needs, we draw up an annual calendar, including all relevant concepts for optimal seasonal presentation. We also like to think outside the traditional shelves by coming up with clever combinations between product groups, such as placing baking moulds with cake flour. Tricky in operational execution, but Dayes offers the perfect solutions for this.