Tala: your trusted kitchen partner since 1899

Tala is one of the UK's oldest and best-loved kitchenware brands. Chefs and bakers worldwide have relied on our products since 1899. With over 120 years of experience and expertise, we develop the best baking and cooking tools for every home cook, home baker, pastry chef and jam-maker.


Simplicity in the kitchen

120 years of heritage

Tala has been producing the best baking and cooking tools for every home cook and baker since 1899.


Our products make cooking and baking a lot easier and last a long time thanks to their high-quality materials.

Beautiful designs

The beautiful designs and finishes of our products perfectly complement any kitchen.

Tala assortment

From true kitchen classics to baking trays of all shapes and sizes, Tala's baking and cooking products make the most fantastic dishes.

Over 120 years...

Tala is a brand with a long history. In 1899, Frederick Taylor and Thomas Law founded the Taylor Law & Co Ltd factory. From the first two letters of their surnames, the name 'Tala' was formed. Now, more than 120 years later, innovation is still at the centre and Tala experts deliver products of the highest quality.


Cooking is an important part of everyday life and our products are indispensable in the whole process, from preparation to cooking and serving. This naturally requires solid cooking tools that do their job perfectly every day. Tala products therefore deliver perfect results time after time and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle - buy well, buy only once.

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Retail solutions

Our products are on the shelves of many retailers. To this end, we offer tailor-made solutions that match existing requirements and processes. Wondering how we can help you? Then take a look at our logistics options here.

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