Fight dirt with Sorbo

Do you want to be a cleaning hero too? Then all you need are the right gadgets to fight the dirt for you. Our helpers make everyone a cleaning superhero, even if you don't have the time or knowledge for it!


Make cleaning


With our smart helpers, you'll be cleaning in no time.


Cleaning is not at all difficult thanks to innovative coatings and materials.

More sustainable

Use our helpers again and again, as they last a nice long time and many are even washable.

Sorbo assortment

We have the perfect cleaning tool for every stain and spot, from the classic microfibre cloth to super-smart Specialties.

A clean house...

Our smart tools make quick work of dirt, from stubborn limescale to caked-on pans. For every stain and spot, we have the perfect gadget that gets the job done quickly and effortlessly. Let Sorbo do all the hard work so you can enjoy your fresh and clean home! The name 'Sorbo' is derived from the word 'absorb' and we first used it on our cleaning tools in 1967.

in 1 swipe

Sorbo quickly grew into a true phenomenon and the little helpers were in almost every Dutch household. Even now, some people still remember the catchy jingle "Sorbo here, Sorbo there, Sorbo is your help at home" and accompanying commercials featuring Saartje (from Swiebertje). With more than 50 years of cleaning experience, we make helpers that can handle any cleaning job.

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Retail solutions

Our products are on the shelves of many retailers. To this end, we offer tailor-made solutions that match existing requirements and processes. Wondering how we can help you? Then take a look at our logistics options here.

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