Tailor-made distribution

Every retailer has a different logistics process to supply their shops. Especially for the complex non-food category, a lot of knowledge and flexibility is therefore needed to connect it to the different processes. We have therefore developed a framework that is fully adaptable to your needs and requirements.

Maximum focus on shelf availability

Good stock management is extremely important to avoid unnecessary and unwanted costs. We can completely relieve you of this, from the DC to the shop floor. Our standard framework consists of several levels that respond to different phases in the logistics process. For instance, we can deliver our products to your DC so you can place them on the shelves yourself, but we can also offer service all the way to the shop floor. Whatever customised solution we draw up with you, there is always a maximum focus on shelf availability.

Formula-specific customisation

Nowadays, consumers have so much choice that it is a necessity to establish a sharp shop format to create preference among shoppers. Each retail formula assigns a different role to the non-food category. Therefore, we create a tailor-made category plan for each retailer, matching the shop formula and shopper needs. Using this plan, non-food will become a structural asset to your retail formula.