Our history

Dayes has over 120 years of experience in developing and distributing everyday essentials. Our history ranges from the more than 100-year-old roots of the Vero and Tala brands to our modern warehouses and offices in several European countries including Nordic Beauty Company in Denmark and Healthpoint in the UK. Dayes history is one of innovation and heritage with thriving brands such as Rosewood, Zenner and Sorbo.

Family Foundation

Dayes is from families, for families. Many of our products and brands have their roots in family businesses. We are good at taking the unique strengths of family businesses and developing them into even more successful everyday essentials.


Founding Vero

Vero's first brush and broom factory opened its doors in 1890: the whole of the Netherlands has been sweeping the streets with their rock-solid classics for more than 100 years.


Establishment of Tala

In 1899, Frederick Taylor and Thomas Law founded the 'Tala' brand, one of Britain's best-loved kitchenware brands for more than 120 years.


Foundation of Nedac

As early as 1962, Nedac introduced the service merchandising concept, a successful retail solution for non-food products that is still an important service to our customers.


Establishment of Sorbo

Sorbo has over 50 years of experience in developing cleaning tools that clean every stain and spot.


Entering UK market with George East Housewares

George East Housewares, with wonderful brands like Tala and Elliott, became part of the Dayes Group in 2008 and provided our first steps into the UK market.


Nedac & Mascot merger

The merger between Nedac and Mascot allowed us to combine our knowledge and strengths, making us an even more valuable partner for retailers and value-retailers.


Name change to Dayes

After the merger with Mascot, we felt our name no longer suited our company: too long, too complicated and no longer fitting our mission. So we changed our name to Dayes in 2021.


Partnership with Healthpoint

In 2021, Healthpoint joined Dayes Group, allowing us to both grow in the Personal Care and Health Care categories, as well as strengthen our position in the international market.


Teaming up with Zenner

In 2021, we also joined our Personal Care forces with Zenner, a leading hair and beauty accessories brand in the Dutch and international markets.


Collaboration with Rosewood

On the Pet Care front, we also entered into a highly strategic partnership, this time with Rosewood, a major British brand with a lot of experience in the pet accessory market.


Teaming up with NBC

Nordic Beauty Company has become an important partner for many Scandinavian retailers in personal care. Through this collaboration with NBC, we can further strengthen our category expertise in several new markets.

Full steam ahead

Since 2021, our company has a new name that perfectly reflects our mission: Dayes: Everyday Essentials. And with a new name comes a new coat, namely our beautiful modern headquarters in Zevenaar, to which we moved in 2022.