Privacy statement

The website, owned by Dayes b.v., can be used to process privacy-sensitive information, otherwise known as personal data. Nedac Sorbo Mascot takes great priority in proper and careful handling of personal data. This private information is therefore always carefully processed and secured. Our handling process is compliant to the demands of privacy legislation. Amongst other things, this means that:

  • We always clearly mention the purposes of our handling of personal data.

  • We limit the collection of personal data to only the information relevant to our legitimate objectives;

  • We explicitly ask permission to process your personal data when such consent is required;

  • We take appropriate security measures in order to protect your data, and demand that parties who process your personal data at our behest, take the same measures;

  • We respect your rights to request access, to correct and to remove your personal data.

Dayes is the responsible party for processing the information. In this privacy and cookies statement, we explain the purposes for our collecting and using personal data and for what means. We advise that you carefully read through this privacy statement. This document was last altered on 27-11-2023.

Uses of personal data

When visiting our website, using our contact forms, or signing up for our newsletter, you leave behind some personal information. It is also possible that you provided such information over the phone, through a filled in form at a fair or via a questionnaire on Facebook.

The following data can be used:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • IP address

  • Information about your probable interests in products offered by Dayes.

We use said information for the following purposes:

  • Sending a newsletter

  • Performing customer research;

  • Answering your message via our contact form;

  • Offering of other relevant products by Dayes;

  • Customer relations, be it by mail, by email or by phone;

  • Fulfilling all legal obligations.



We offer a newsletter with which we want to inform interested parties about our products and services. Every newsletter contains a link by which you can unsubscribe. Your email address will only be added to the list of subscribers with your explicit permission.

If you have given your permission, you may also be occasionally contacted at the e-mail address you provided to voluntarily participate in a customer survey. If you do not or no longer wish to receive commercial information, or do not or no longer wish your data to be used for direct marketing purposes or customer surveys, you can opt out at any time:

  • disable it yourself by clicking on "Change or unsubscribe preferences" at the bottom of the mail and indicating on the follow-up page in the form that you no longer wish to receive mail, then submitting the form, or make this known to us by telephone or by e-mail. We will then turn off receiving newsletters for you.

Contact form

We offer you a contact form, which can be used to submit questions about our products. Here you can fill in your name, email address and telephone number. Besides that, your query might include some personal data. We use this information solely to answer your questions or to resolve your problem. 

Retention periods

We do not store your data longer than necessary in order to achieve the objectives stated in this privacy and cookie statement. We store Google Analytics data for 50 days.

Third party disclosure

We can disclose your data to the following external parties (this is necessary in order for us to provide goods and services, and to make sure the website is better in tune to your needs):

  • The party that manages the platform on which our website is built;

  • Parties that do our mailings for us;

  • Manufacturers and statistics programmes.

You can contact us using the information below. When you are not satisfied with the way we handle (a complaint concerning) your personal data, you have the right to file a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Cookie policy

Who is responsible for processing your data?

Dayes bv, located at Exa 32, 6902 KH Zevenaar, is the data controller as described in this cookie policy. This cookie policy applies to all domains and communications related to

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer or mobile device stores when you use our website.

Third party cookies

Third-party cookies are also set through our website. The use of cookies by other companies is subject to their respective privacy and cookie policies.

Which cookies do we use?

Functional cookies or essential cookies

Functional cookies ensure that our website functions properly. For example, functionalities such as loading pages and links to vacancies.

Analytical cookies

With analytical cookies, we use third parties to collect statistics on how our website is used and whether (and in what way) our communication is read. By measuring this, we can continue to improve our website and communications for the benefit of our users.

Marketing cookies

We place marketing cookies on our website. Third parties may also set marketing cookies on our website. We may combine the information from these marketing cookies. We do this so that we can make you the most relevant offers possible based on your online surfing, search and buying behaviour. With these marketing cookies, we also keep track of which ads you have seen. We can also recognise you if you click through to the website from an e-mail message or newsletter. Furthermore, with your permission, we can make our communication more personal and relevant to you.

Analytical cookies

With the help of third parties, we use analytical cookies to study the behaviour of website visitors. Among other things, these statistics give us insight into how often we are visited and where we can improve our website. Among other things, the following data is stored:

  • The IP address which is anonymised;

  • Technical characteristics, such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox), the resolution of your computer screen, your language preference and which device you use;

  • From which page or via which advertising campaign you came to the website;

  • When and for how long you visit or use the website;

  • Whether you use features of the website;

  • Whether our communications are read; and

  • Which pages you visit.

We use these cookies, for example, to:

  • Track the number of visitors to our website;

  • Measure how long a visit lasts;

  • Measure how many customers open our communications;

  • Measure the success of an advertising campaign;

  • Determine the order in which a visitor visits the different pages of our website

  • To determine which articles and pages can be linked to each other.

Marketing cookies

For our website, you will see advertisements from ourselves and from third parties. You may also come across our ads on third-party websites. To keep our communications and these ads relevant, we use cookies. These marketing cookies enable us:

  • to track which ads you have already seen;

  • to track how many times you have seen an ad;

  • to prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again;

  • to track whether you click on the ads;

  • to track whether you place orders after seeing or clicking on an ad;

  • to measure whether you read our communications and what links you click on so that we can make those communications as relevant to you as possible;

  • to combine your online surfing, searching and buying behaviour and build segments based on this (combined) data, regardless of which device you use;

  • through the segments built up, to estimate your advertising interests and tailor the ads accordingly.

Advertising networks and media agencies act as intermediaries for websites and advertisers. These parties' marketing cookies enable us:

  • to display third-party advertisements to you;

  • to allow our advertising partners to combine your preferences with information they collect when you visit other websites.

For the cookies these parties place for marketing purposes, please refer to the statements on these parties' websites. As the statements may change regularly, we advise you to consult these privacy and cookie statements regularly. The following parties place cookies via our websites:

Further good to know: in some cases, namely when using the Facebook pixel and thereby being able to tailor our ads to your preferences, Dayes BV and Meta both fulfil the role of "joint controllers" within the meaning of the AVG. In that context, agreements on the division of responsibilities have been made (link: For more information, including on how to submit a request for inspection to Meta, for example, we would further refer you to their privacy policy.

To manage your settings for marketing cookies with other parties, please refer to the websites of those parties:

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