Clairivo is there for you at the most tense moments

Being or becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of your life, especially when you have to wait for those dashes to tell whether you are pregnant. Clairivo is here for you during these super exciting moments. Our tests are simple, reliable and easy to use, so you can fully focus on the results.


Fast, reliable results


During these tense moments, you are not waiting for complicated tests, which is why Clairivo is easy to use.

Quick result

Our tests offer you fast, reliable results that are more than 99% accurate


Our friendly-priced tests are readily available at supermarkets near you.


Clairivo is there for you at the most exciting moments. We know that at these moments you have other things on your mind than complicated tests with long manuals. That is why our tests are user-friendly and offer you quick results that are more than 99% accurate.


Of course, our tests are extensively tested and meet all safety standards. Therefore, you can trust them with peace of mind and they will give you peace of mind during the exciting waiting minutes. So you can quickly jump a hole in the air, breathe a sigh of relief or take your time to digest the news when the result appears.


Clairivo is here for you, but also for the environment. The paper comes from FSCĀ® certified wood, our protective films are made of plastic and the packaging is sealed with a sticker. Clairivo is also a member of the BSCI, a code of conduct in which we have agreed to strive for optimal safety, protection and fair payment of employees, both at our company and at our suppliers.


Retail solutions

Our products are on the shelves of many retailers. To this end, we offer tailor-made solutions that match existing requirements and processes. Wondering how we can help you? Then take a look at our logistics options here.

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