We introduced the merchandising service, originally from the United States, in the Netherlands back in the 1960s, naturally tailored to the needs of Dutch retailers. During the decades that followed, we were able to keep innovating this service into one that adds real value to your retail formula.

Store-specific optimisations

A retailer in East Groningen has different needs and wishes than a shop format in West Brabant. It is therefore important to carry out store-specific optimisations. Our service merchandisers do periodic reports at shop level, giving you a better insight into the performance of the non-food category and any potential for improvement. We do this based on specific KPIs and benchmarks, so that we can always provide sharp, relevant and well-founded local advice.

Real added value on the shelf

Merchandising adds value where it really matters. The expertise of our merchandisers goes far beyond just filling shelves. They know exactly how to present and look after the shelves in the best possible way. They also keep a sharp eye on THTs, out-of-stock products and remainders and are experts in processing article changes. In addition, they have extensive knowledge of building non-food presentations and second placing.