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Everyday Essentials

Every day, over 50 million European households rely upon our products and brands. Our essentials cover all the household basics, from the morning bathroom routine, to cooking and cleaning. This is why we have merged our products and brands under a single name that embodies our impact and mission: Dayes (Everyday Essentials).

Our products are essential to easy living. As such, our mission is to supply products that make daily life easier, more pleasurable and sustainable. In this way, we make a positive impact on our society and planet. Innovative, appealing and affordable.

Our Brands

Dayes has 13 own-label brands with innovative, appealing products at an affordable price, all of which are essential for easy living.

We play a role in the daily lives of 50 million families

Dayes' essentials form an integral part of 50 million European households. From the morning routine, to cooking and cleaning; our products cover all aspects of everyday family life.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We deem sustainability and social responsibility as core values. Hand in hand with our customers and consumers, our aim is to work towards a better planet. Our target is to become CO2 neutral and energy neutral. Moreover, we are affiliated with the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The BSCI represents a code of conduct that facilitates businesses in improving and upholding working conditions, on an in-house and supplier level.

Sustainability plays a key role in the daily life of countless people. Likewise, our mission is to augment the sustainability of our everyday essentials, so they complement this lifestyle. For instance, we are currently focusing on making our packaging more sustainable. In addition, we develop product ranges and brands that are a sustainable, affordable option in everyday essentials.

Working at Dayes

A career at Dayes entails contributing towards the international success of our brands, every single day. The international element of working at Dayes will generate opportunities to flourish within your given role. To our minds, diversity is key: we advocate creativity, innovativeness and integrity across the board at Dayes. 
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