Founded in 2008

Cardeau turns every greeting card into a gift. This vibrant brand offers a wide selection of greeting cards for every occasion, in a variety of designs, styles and colours. Besides our premium quality greeting cards, we also supply other items to make an occasion more celebratory, from stunning gift wrap to gift ribbons and wine bottle tags.

Brand identity

Greeting cards have made a comeback. They are the perfect way to express your congratulations, condolences, gratitude, or simply to get in touch. Cardeau offers a range of fantastic greeting cards, appropriate for any occasion. Our greeting cards, with envelope included, are made of high quality materials. Over and above high quality, our greeting cards are also on track to becoming fully sustainable. The lion's share of our greeting cards are printed on FSC® certified paper, and we use eco-friendly oils. Not only that, but every year our designers come up with amazing new designs to give the product range a fresh, contemporary twist. Besides our high quality greeting cards we also supply stunning gift wrap, gift ribbons, wine bottle tags, money gift cards, and much more. Cardeau: say it with a greeting card!
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