Founded in 2021

Being or becoming pregnant is one of the most exciting times in life. But complicated pregnancy tests often make this moment unnecessarily tense. That's why Clairivo has developed accessible pregnancy tests that give a rapid and reliable result.

Brand identity

Clairivo is for everyone. Whether you want to rule out being pregnant, or have a strong desire for children: you can rely on Clairivo. Our pregnancy tests offer peace of mind while waiting for the result. They are user-friendly, uncomplicated, and tell the result in a clear way. Moreover, we want good pregnancy tests to be accessible for everyone. That's why our user-friendly pregnancy tests are available in neighbourhood supermarkets. 

Beside user-friendliness, Clairivo is also friendly for humans and the environment. The paper is made from FSC® certified wood, and we use a sticker instead of a plastic sleeve to close the packet. Clairivo pregnancy tests are produced in a BSCI certified factory. BSCI is a code of practice under which we strive for optimum safety, protection, and fair payment for our workers. 
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