Founded in 1880

duParc has been a key player in the hosiery market ever since the 50s. This former Belgian brand produces premium quality tights, socks, stockings and shoe liners, in all manner of shapes and sizes. Our extensive product range offers hosiery for every occasion: from classic black tights to vibrantly-coloured socks. Our hosiery is produced using durable materials in a comfortable fit, and is available in a number of supermarkets in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Brand identity

duParc boasts a fascinating narrative. N.V. Bonneterie Bosteels-De Smeth was founded by married couple Bosteels and De Smeth, back in 1880. When they started out, they primarily made knitted gloves, but in the 1950s they enjoyed a significant breakthrough in ladies' hosiery. Their high quality hosiery bore the brand name duParc, after the local park in Aalst. The stockings were highly innovative for the time, as they were made using state-of-the-art production methods, resulting in robust, yet elegant, results. Following this success the product range was supplemented with tights, socks and shoe liners, transforming duParc into the Belgian hosiery market leader. duParc was incorporated into Dayes in 2001, and to this day they continue to design high quality hosiery that provides the quintessential finishing touch to many an outfit.
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