Founded in 2019

SensX believes safe sex should be an option for us all. This is why we develop premium quality condoms that are readily available, at an affordable price. We deem durability to be paramount, and always opt for sustainable packaging. 

Brand identity

SensX is a young brand that was founded in order to provide a budget-friendly, yet high quality, alternative on the condom market. Our mission is to make safe sex an option for us all. This is why SensX offers premium quality, and of course ultra safe, condoms for everyone's budget. Our top of the range condoms are a pleasure to wear as they are comfortable, and have no Latex smell. At SensX we naturally track sustainability trends and continually seek ways to make our condoms even more sustainable. Accordingly, they are packaged in FSC® certified cardboard boxes with no plastic wrapping. The condoms themselves are wrapped in plastic as opposed to aluminium foil, so this too can be recycled. Enjoy intimacy whilst making the world a better place.
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