Founded in 1967

Sorbo has been the leading cleaning specialist for Dutch households for over 50 years. Underpinned by our team of experts' vast knowledge, Sorbo continues to develop ever-more innovative ways to facilitate and speed up cleaning. Not only that, but Sorbo tracks the latest interior design trends to ensure its products always dovetail with different living styles.

Brand identity

Sorbo was founded in 1967 to create brand recognition for premium quality cleaning products in Dutch shops. The brand rapidly evolved into a true phenomenon. Its well-known cloths and other cleaning products were to be found in pretty much every Dutch household in the 80s and 90s. But, Sorbo didn't rest on its laurels, as it continued on its growth trajectory. Our team of cleaning experts identified the increasing lack of time to clean, and tweaked the Sorbo products to that market trend. In more recent years, over and above quality, we have sourced innovative products that facilitate and speed up cleaning. Moreover, with trendy designs, Sorbo aims to bring pleasure back into cleaning, as a clean house is the building block for easy living.
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