Founded in 1899

Tala is one of the oldest, most popular British kitchenware brands; one that chefs and bakers around the world have relied upon since 1899. With over 120 years' expertise on their side, the team of experts at Tala develop high-quality, yet functional, baking and cooking products for every home cook, home baker, pastry chef and jam-maker. Our products are made in high tech factories around the world, where format, function and design are brought together in high-quality products that make cooking and baking easier; with fantastic results, of course!

Brand identity

Tala is a brand with a long history. In 1899, Frederick Taylor and Thomas Law founded Taylor Law & Co Ltd. The name 'Tala' derived from the first two letters of their respective surnames. Now, more than 120 years on, innovation remains pivotal and the team of experts at Tala continue to supply products of the highest quality. Cooking meals at home is increasingly regarded as an important daily fixture; our products form an integral part of the entire process, from preparing to cooking and serving. Naturally, this requires reliable products that do an outstanding job, each and every time. That's why Tala products deliver perfect results time and again, and in so doing, contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle: buy well, buy once.
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