Pets Unlimited: the biggest in pet snacks!

Like you, we are Pet Parents. We understand like no other how much we love our fluffy family members. Therefore, of course, only the very best is good enough for your beloved four-legged friend. Pets Unlimited offers high-quality, healthy snacks and food for dogs and cats, made from natural ingredients and of course packed with flavour.


Only the best

Grain-free 🌾

Easily digestible and therefore good for your dog's or cat's tummy. And a happy tummy is a happy four-legged friend!

No fuss

Real indulgences packed with natural healthy substances. So delicious you'd almost eat it yourself!

Made with love

Irresistible flavours that will make that little tail wag and that little body purr.

Pets Unlimited Assortment

As a pet parent, you naturally want the best for your four-legged friend. Pets Unlimited food and snacks are packed with meat and fish, with no fuss like grains or artificial additives.

Pet Parents...

Every Pet Parent knows that a wet nose on your neck, a reassuring paw on your leg or a caressing head against your knee are all signs of unconditional love. Love that is there even in the lesser moments. And yes, that love is still there even when the contents of your favourite pillow are all over the carpet. That's why your furbaby deserves only the very best.

since 1998

For more than 24 years, we have worked with passion and pleasure to develop really good products for pets. We started in the Netherlands in 1998 with the Best For Your Friend brand, with which we conquered many a pet-loving heart. Why? Because you saw that our snacks and food had the quality you thought you would only find in a pet shop.

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Retail solutions

Our products are on the shelves of many retailers. To this end, we offer tailor-made solutions that match existing requirements and processes. Wondering how we can help you? Then take a look at our logistics options here.

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