Sparks & Barks: delicious snacks for dogs

Looking for the perfect snack to spoil your dog with? Then look no further than the delicious snacks from Sparks & Barks! Whether you are looking for a delicious treat before training or a tasty snack after a walk, our extensive range offers something for every dog!


Tasty and responsible dog snacks

Tasty snacks

Our snacks contain tasty meat and fish, so your dog won't be able to resist them.


Besides pampering snacks, we also have snacks with rawhide in our range, which helps keep dogs' teeth healthy.

Resealable packaging

Take our snacks anywhere thanks to the handy closing strip. So you can spoil your dog anywhere.

At the training...

Just like us humans, dogs love tasty snacks. You want to spoil them with the very best: a healthy snack that is also incredibly tasty. Sparks & Barks snacks are not only super tasty, but many snacks are also responsible. For example, we have snacks that require your dog to gnaw a lot (good for the gums).

or walk

Dogs can hardly resist our snacks due to the delicious flavours and tender texture of e.g. the Steak-line. This makes Sparks & Barks snacks perfect during training, walks or just to give your dog a treat.


Retail solutions

Our products are on the shelves of many retailers. To this end, we offer tailor-made solutions that match existing requirements and processes. Wondering how we can help you? Then take a look at our logistics options here.

Contact us

Do you have a question or complaint about Sparks & Barks or any of our products? If so, please contact us at or fill in the contact form.